Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week #48

Happy New Year to all!

I hope that your Christmas was everything it was planned to be and more! Well we have one more holiday to celebrate and then 2010 is officially over. Crazy!! I am finally coming back to Zumba with you! I have missed all my classes for to long! I will see you staring on Friday the 31st. YEAH!! That being said onto business.

Items of business -

The City of St. George wants Zumba again for First Night. They have asked April and I to do 2 routines at 9:50pm at the main stage at Town Square. These will be easy routines so you all can come and do Zumba with us right before the 10 o'clock firework show! We would love to have you all there so please put Twilight to Midnight on your New Year's Eve schedule. We always have a great turn out and the City loved us last year so lets show them what Zumba can really do!!! We need you all there!!

There is a new Club in town - GoGo37 and of course why would they not want Zumba to be a part of there evening events. They will be holding their first Zumba class on January 5th at 8pm. I will be their instructor for the evening and the cost is only $5. Come and check out the new hottest place to be in St. George. I have attached the flier to the email so you can have all the details! Here is a bio about GoGo37 -

The term “artspace” was chosen to describe the overall concept of GoGo37. The idea is to have a place in the downtown area where creatives of all sorts can meet and collaborate with each other as well as with regional and national artists. Groskreutz and Reber want to remain open to all media, including music concerts and art exhibits, to poetry readings and swap meets, and everything in between.

The gallery has also made a conscious effort to keep ticket prices low so people might take a chance on local and national bands with whom they are unfamiliar. The plan is to keep ticket prices between five and eight dollars so the public will continue to come out and enjoy something unavailable anywhere else in town.

We are getting low on DVDs so if by chance you have not taken the opportunity to get it you better before we shut down and work on Vol. 4. We always have people ask for past vol.s but once they are gone we don't make anymore. Get one in the next 2 weeks! They are $10

Week #48 Challenge - Goal setting!

I believe big time in goal setting when it comes to exercise!! You need to set yourself some reachable goals for the New Year. Make sure they are goals that you want to do because 80% of all goals made for the New Year are broken or forgotten by the end of March. Let's don't be put in that category of failure. Once you decide not to finish a goal or choose not to obtain it then the negative floods right back into your life and the self esteem that you were building for yourself gets shoot. Exercise goals are all achieved with positive attitudes and as soon as you let the negative in you are only making it harder on yourself to rise above it! So be positive and again make reachable goals for yourself so that you can feel that positive influence in your life take over!

This year has been awesome! I look back and see how blessed I have been and you all have been a part of that so thank you so much!! I love my Zumba family and I will continue to do what is takes to make you feel like the way I see you! Amazing.

Much Zumba Love, Marti and Kerry


Carmen said...

you guys are fabulous.

Belu said...

Ali Larter was a big fan of hiking to lose her baby weight, and she even strapped her bundle of joy Teddy into the Baby Bjorn and took him on hikes with her, which meant that she was able to work out without worrying about a babysitter. Genius! She's lost all her pregnancy pounds and looks amazing. Hmm -- maybe there's more to the whole hiking thing than we think?
Celebrities definitely serve as a great source of inspiration to get a little more creative when it comes to squeezing in regular workouts. But something tells me that it's a whole lot easier to get motivated to get off the couch and make exercise a priority when you have a personal trainer to help you -- inside or outside the gym.
Do you think that celebrities are completely truthful when it comes to how they get into shape?

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Anonymous said...

I do zumba every monday and it is the best exercise I have ever done plus I get to see my friends on a weekly basis.

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