Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hello Again!

So I have really neglected our blog and I promise to do better. I will be posting our weekly challenge and also some video routines when I can get them recorded. The video that is posted is one of our newer instructors and her name is Josie. You can also say hello to Melesa in the back ground. I didn't tell her to move so she just gets to be in it! The name of the song is, "Hokey Pokey" by The Puppies and you can get this on itunes. Enjoy and stay up on your challenges!

Week 3 Challenge - Eliminate your favorite item of food and drink!

My favorite item to eat right now is corn chips so good bye for now! When you take out something that you really like you realize how much of that item you really were eating everyday. If you are a soda or fruit juice or whatever makes you go yum yum besides water then eliminate that drink (diet coke drinkers, I am talking to you). I have a big spill on carbonation that I could give you but that will be at a later challenge so for this week it is just taking out items that are your favorite. That doesn't mean supplement with something else but just passing it up for the week. Make sure you write it down in your notebook of challenges how much you realize you are addicted to some items. Write your feelings about it. A lot of times you will achieve goals if you dig down a little deeper and really start to understand why we do things!! Good luck to all of you and remember that loving yourself starts on the inside!