Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week #19

Hey girls,

Wow, it is getting hotter and I love it! Summer is around the corner (literally next week) and I can't wait for all the fun and chaos that it brings. I hope you have all filled up your summer months with family vacations, reunions, EXERCISE, and just being plain lazy! Summer brings on a whole new meaning to exercise for me. It is a time that you can try so many new things. Remember exercise does not have to be in the form of boring. It just means getting your body active. I love to take my kids to the river and play around, we go to Veyo and catch crawdads, bike rides, swimming, Sandhollow Reservoir, etc... We are so blessed to live close to so many great locations that we can keep our bodies active! Be creative this summer!

I am trying my best to get another Zumba class on Wednesday Nights at Desert Palms but I need your help! You need to put in the suggestion box that you want one. They usually cut classes for summer so if we want to add then we have got to have our voice heard! I have also heard that the Rec Center would also like an Wednesday evening class? If this is true please I will beg and plead for you but I need you to make your voices heard as well. Get those suggestions asap before the summer schedules are set in stone.

Week #19 Challenge - Swim (you knew it was coming)

This is my last week that I will be stuck on the events of a Triathlon. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise you can do for yourself and I don't mean dog paddle. I mean get out there and freestyle, breast stroke, back stroke and if you can do the butterfly more power to ya because I can not! When I started my first training for a triathlon back in 2005 with in a month of swimming twice a week I lost 2 inches off my chest circumference (no my bust stayed the same). I had to buy a new bra which was awesome. Since then I have been the same. Well now that I am in training again my measurements are going down and I have only swam 4 times. Sorry, I am going by my bra size but since I do not use a scale I go off of how my clothes fit and I have to use the tightest clasp on my bra now, that is a good thing! Besides the smaller bra, hehe, swimming is great for your heart and endurance (more important obviously)! I love that when I get out of the pool I am not a sweaty mess. Your core temp rises while swimming but you don't get the after math of exercising! Anyway, I want you to get in a pool and swim some laps. Sand Hollow, Washington Rec, have great lap pools. Try something new this week and go swimming. All you need is some goggles and a hair tie. Swim caps are best but I don't want you to have to go buy anything. Everyone has goggles lying around. So besides Zumba this week go to the swim pool just once to try it out! If anyone ever decides that they love it then let me know because I can train you how to swim properly and effectively so that you get the most out of your workout!

We still have tank tops left. They are $18 so pick them up quick before your size gets picked through!

We have a fellow Zumba girl that is doing great things for herself and I wanted to pass it along. Feel free to let me know of any of your achievements outside of Zumba and I will always put a plug into my weekly emails for you. I love that we are all so talented and I love sharing it with all of you!

Her name is Alicia Buck and she is an author. She lives her in St. George and has written a young adult book. It has been published and she will be doing a book signing on June 5th from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Barnes and Noble. This is an amazing accomplishment. Something that my brain could never do!! Her book is call "Flecks of Gold" and it is a young adult fantasy, so if anyone likes magic, adventure, and a bit of romance I hope you will go and support one of your fellow Zumba girls! I will be there. I love reading books along side of my 12 year old and it sounds like she would love it and me too!

Have a wonderful week girls!