Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week #35

The weeks are flying by and the best part is Zumba is still going strong all over Southern Utah. Every where you turn there is a Zumba class so there are no excuses of saying "I couldn't make it", if Zumba is what you love you can find a class and never have to miss a day of shakin' it! I hope you all tried out a Kickbox class. I am on my way to mine this morning so I am excited to get my butt kicked. Just always remember how important it is to change it up and venture outside the box sometimes!

Southern Utah "Zumba Gives Back" Party in Pink-2010 October 9th from 7-9pm at Town Square Park. It is for the whole family so please mark your calendars!! The cost is $10 for 12 & older and $5 for 12 & under. We will also be selling raffle tickets for $5 each. You will want to buy some of these because we have a lot of great prizes lined up! Remember all proceeds are going to a local company "Carol's Post Mastectomy Specialist Inc.". This company provides women that need prosthesis post mastectomy, and most insurance companies do not cover them. So open up your hearts and lets help some of our local breast cancer survivors feel good about themselves and help build there self esteem! The best part is I get to update you periodically on where your donations are going and how it has helped them. We can only take cash or check at the event and you will want to get there early so that you can have the full 2 hours of fun. We are also giving away 100 free t-shirts for the 1st 100 raffle tickets bought. So get there early. Once you have paid you will be getting a wrist band (hopefully pink) and then you can buy as many raffle tickets as you want. The more the better so you can win more prizes. We will also have the tees for sale and some Zumba stuff (t-shirts, key chains, bracelets) that will be for sale and all proceeds will be donated. If you plan on coming and spending $30 to $40 then you will have a fabulous evening! I think that is pretty cheap since most charity events cost $100 for a plate of food, at least you are getting a chance to win prizes and you get calories burned instead of added calories put on! Can't wait to see you there!

Zumba at Dixie College Sept. 24th - Hansen Stadium from 8-Midnight! The cost is $5 and Josie, Camilla, Andrea and April are your rockin' instructors so join them for tons of fun!

We still have our DVD's but are getting fewer each week so get them before they are gone because once they are gone we don't reproduce them. They are $15 and we have them at our classes.

We have a new instructor that has joined us and I do not have her bio yet but I will get it for next week but her name is Danita Williams. She has been a Zumba lover for sometime and has joined us at the evening classes at the Rec Center until she got certified and now she gets to instruct you!

Week #35 challenge - No dairy!

I know we have done this one but the more I read and learn it isn't that great for you. If you eat it for proteins sake you can get protein other ways and also you can get calcium as well. Try taking it out or if you can't eliminate it then take out most of it and see again how you feel. I only eat cottage cheese and the rest I stay away from because I get don't feel good when I have a lot of it. I have noticed a difference so take the time to really see if you feel different when you don't have tons of processed dairy in you!

I love you all and I know that life get tough but remember to always think of what you have been blessed with and then put a smile so you can bless someone else!