Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week #14

Hello! I totally skipped last week, so sorry!

Spring is here, let's hope so! I am kinda of sick of the cold weather and need some warmth around here! I hope all of you had a great Easter break. I also hope that you got out and enjoyed so other activities as well. If you did I would love to here about them. Sometimes we don't know of all the fun things we have to do around town so by word of mouth makes it a lot easier to think of things to do. Please share! I went camping with my family and we had a great time. I did get out and run 6 miles and that was fun. We also spent some time hiking up hills and climbing trees!

To those of you that joined me last night at Desert Palms, thank you! I had so much fun last night and you guys were on fire. It makes the class so much more fun when you are all feelin the love of Zumba! Let's make Marti's class just as great on Thursday night!

Zumba Stories -

Hey Kerry and Marti:
Zumba has been such a positive aspect of my life. I started over two years ago when it was just getting going at desert palms. My life at that point was absolutely out of control. I felt completely helpless. Zumba I do for me, for me alone. Zumba is mega stress reducing for me. When I don't get to enough classes my husband will actually say " hey maybe you should hit a zumba class to destress". In alot of ways it has saved me. My sanity (which some days is questionable) anyway. Even though I don't really know all of the ladies in class, I feel a bond with them. I love Zumba and Kerry makes it so energetic and fun. Love Marti's happy smile, it keeps us going.
Thanks so much,
Sherri Aldred

Please keep the stories coming our way! They can be anything about Zumba and what it does for you.

Week #14 Challenge - Working on our inner beauty!

Exercise is of course good for you and will do wonders for your health but your inner beauty and confidence level will change that if you don't love yourself for who you are! It took me awhile to realize this concept. If I don't love my self no matter what I look like and love what I do and continue to help others then my outer appearance changes. So this week I want you to reflect on you, and only you! Take some time to yourself and really think about you and what you are doing in the present and what you will be doing in the future (the past doesn't count, you can't change that). Really reflect on how amazing you are! You would be so surprised at how people actually see you. You are so much harder on yourself then anyone else around you. Be strong, be confident, and truly love yourself!

Sorry for the change on teachers this last weekend, Cherie stepped in so nicely while Marti attended a funeral. Marti will be teaching both classes on Saturday!