Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Week #6 / Lights!!!

Ok, I don't have anything new for the Rec Center gals except for you are awesome! You have kept up your numbers and that is great. Oh, remember that the instructor feeds off of your energy and so you have got to give it your all. If you have energy to give then the instructor will have twice as much to share with you. That really goes for all of you Zumba shakers out there! Bring on the energy!

It is Zumba Love Week at Desert Palms right now. What that means to you is: if you bring anyone to a Zumba class for $5 and show them the love you have for Zumba and they like it and want to sign up for a membership then the fees will be waived. Sweet! If you have no one to come with and you want to try it then come on over! We are also having a special Wednesday Night class tonight from 7-9 pm. Anyone can come, non-members are $5 and we will be doing giveaways. It should be a really fun night and if you were not there last night at class then you need to come check out the lights!! The space will be tight but I personally think it is more fun to Zumba that way!

Desert Palms new Zumba classes: All the ones we have right now will stay the same. These are additions or age changes.

Tues: Zumba Kids 4:30 pm ages 5-8
Thurs: Mommy & me Zumba 10:30 am ages 2-4
Thurs: Zumba kids 4:30 pm ages 9-11
Sat: Teen Zumba 9:15 am in the yoga room ages 12 and up

If any of you are looking for some good workout wear then look no further. A Zumba fan has passed on this great website and they are Utah based. She loves the sports bra she has purchased from them and would recommend it to anyone! Check it out.

Protein, protein, protein! Isn't it yummy? Did you find yourself having a hard time getting enough every day? The best way I get it is by having a protein supplement shake once a day. The shake alone gives me 20 grams and the calories are in the snack range so it ends up being a good way to get it all in. I make my own shakes because a lot of the store bought ones have to many calories, sodium, sugars and what not so if you want my yummy recipe I will give it to you! Keep trying to get the protein your muscles need everyday!

Week #6 Challenge - It is ab week!

Focus on your abs everyday. You do not need to do much but get those abs working. You have 29 muscles that are in your abdominal core and half of them you can not see. The stabilizer muscles are the inner muscles that need to be strengthened so that your overall balance and strength will be at a higher level. Every movement that you do stems from your core so you need to build a good strong center so that all your other activities can go more smoothly and it will help prevent any injury. One of the best exercises to help with the inner muscles is the plank. Try to do it everyday for a minute. If that gets to easy then do it for 2 minutes with a 30 second rest in between and so on. I have a attached a picture of the abdominal plank and how your form should look. I am teaching the abs class at Desert Palms on Friday at 8:30 am. It is a good way to get them in before your Zumba class! Good Luck to you all!