Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Week #17

Ok, so this week is all about the Ironman. The Ironman is the hardest triathlon. We are so lucky to to be able to host one here in our small town St. George. On top of that it is the hardest Ironman in the country. If you are not familiar with what an Ironman consists of let me feel you in. The athletes will swim 2.2 miles (with no floaties :), then as soon as they are down they jump on their bikes as fast as they can and ride like the wind for 114 miles (yikes), then when they have exhausted themselves completely they ditch their bikes and get to run for 26.2 miles (absolutely crazy) across the finish line. This is something that I will never do!! But most of the athletes that compete in an ironman have a story to tell and so it becomes the most inspirational event ever to watch. So this leads me to our week challenge..

Week #17 Challenge - Go watch some portion of the Ironman

You will find that a lot of roads will be closed on Saturday because of the event so at any given time during the day stop and watch these amazing athletes accomplish their goal and finish in the hardest Ironman ever. The finish line is at Town Square and the elite athletes will be crossing the finish line between 3-5pm and then the bulk of the athletes will be finishing between 7-10p. I am a volunteer for mile 9 and 22 on the Run portion and I am jumping out of my seat I am so excited. I barely know 3 out of the 2500 entries and I can't wait to cheer ever single person on. This will be an experience that you should not pass up. It will be so inspirational and motivational to all of us to watch. I hope I hear a lot of reports from you on what you saw on Saturday.

With the Ironman being held on Saturday there will be NO classes at the Rec Center or Desert Palms. If you are a member to another gym please check with them to make sure.

Personal Training- as most of you know I am now a personal trainer and I have been loving every minute of it. I am pleased to say my Loser Group has lost a combined total of 30 inches. They are so amazing to work with and to see their determination pushes me to be a better person! I have determined my prices so I will let you know and if ou are interested please contact me by phone: 668-8324

per 1 hour session - $40
(If you and one friend want to split this and train together that is a great way to go)

I will do packages but each package could be different so at time of consultation we can determine a package price.

6 week training with 12 sessions with four or more - $200 each (4 person minimum)

Times for training will vary due to the fact that I have 4 children and a crazy life (like most people these days) but I will do my best to accommodate you and your needs as well so call soon so that you can get your pick of training times.

I hope you all felt good about your daily vitamins! They really do help your body perform all its daily functions correctly. If you are still looking for a great set of vitamins call Marti and she will set you up with the best that I know of. 862-6432

Zumba training - Have you ever thought to yourself, man I just can't quite get the routine down or I want to learn the salsa better well, I am going to start personal zumba classes for those of you that would like to have some time with just me. All you need to do is find 5 people and call me and schedule a personal zumba class totally catered to your group and what you need for 1 hour. I will break down songs, teach them over and over..... I will do whatever you tell me you want or need to learn. I will be your personal zumba instructor. For a 1 hour session is will be $10 per person, minimum of 5 people. So grab your friends and call me to schedule your next hour of pure fun and learning. (It will not be the same as a Zumba class because I want you to learn the things you need to or want too.)

And were done!!

Much Zumba Love,
Marti and Kerry