Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week #4 with updates

Alright, for all you night Zumba shakers I personally sat down with the manager at Desert Palms and ordered the lights! YEA! We hope to have them installed within the next 2 weeks. I think this is going to be great for us and the gym. Desert Palms will be the only gym in town that will offer the party atmosphere at night. If we can get a lot more people coming then we can add more classes. That is up to all of you to make that happen.

Rec Center ladies - don't forget that we have added a Monday 10:30 am and a Tuesday 5:30 pm. They are both going good so keep up the numbers!

Zumba around town - Next week on February 4th at the Washington Community Center they are having Club Zumba. It will cost $5 and it is from 7-9 pm. Yes, that is 2 hours of straight Zumba. The best part - it is an 80's Zumba party! You need to come dressed up in your best 80's workout gear and shake it to the best 80's songs. You won't want to miss it. April will be doing most of it and I will be helping on the side with a couple of routines. It will be great!

Challenge - so I hope you did good by taking out one favorite food and drink for the week. Did you realize how much you were actually consuming of these products? I did, I have to be honest I did eat some chips and salsa one evening but not near as many as I would have. My craving for corn chips have greatly decreased from doing this so that makes me happy! So make sure you write it down in your book!

Challenge for week #4 - Do not skip breakfast!

For those of you that were told by your mother when you were young that "breakfast is the most important meal of the day", well she was right ladies! When you wake up and start your day and get to busy to eat your body tells it self that it is going to go in starvation mode even if you don't feel hungry. Your body needs good food to fuel it for the day. You need to be aware of what you are eating though, cereal goes right through unless it is a hearty oatmeal or granola. Add some fruit or best of all eggs and you have your self a well rounded meal. Healthy carbs, fruit (natural sugar) and protein will make and produce more energy for you throughout your day. When you make your meal try to stay in the 400 or below in calories. It is a meal not a snack so think hearty but lean! Good Luck!