Thursday, September 4, 2008

White girls Samba!

Wednesday was great! We had a lot of new comers and we love it. We hope they get addicted to Zumba just like we have. For all of you that was there, you need to bring a skirt next time. I think having props makes you work harder and it is a lot more fun to see a skirt swishing then my back end swishing. We hope you enjoyed last night and we will see you on Monday! Check back in a few days because we will have our next personal story posted.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


We have a Sept. 1st and 3rd promotion. To kick off our new Monday night Zumba at Southwest Dance we want you to bring someone new to Zumba on Monday or Wednesday or both and you get in free. Your new comer will need to pay but you get a free night of Zumba. So talk to your friends and family and bring someone new to Zumba and show them what we have all become addicted to for exercise. Let them understand it is not about how good you move or what foot you are on but its about the good attitude and atmosphere that we create that makes it a fun and exciting new way to exercise! We love all our Zumba girls and we love teaching all of you how to enjoy your weight loss goals! SEE YOU ON MONDAY