Wednesday, March 3, 2010


We all love Zumba, right? If you didn't then I would suspect you wouldn't want to hear from me each week. I want to share the Zumba love amongst ourselves. I did this about a year and half ago and we had a few responses but since we have so many new people on board I want to do it again. I know, your thinking what is it. Well, we all have motivating, inspirational stories and usually Zumba has had something to do with it so I am sure all of you would like to hear about it. There is no better way then to get motivated by others and be uplifted by the ones that you exercise with. I know that most of you don't even know what the lady next to you has experienced in life but the one thing you both know is that Zumba has made a difference. We are a huge family and you have so many people that support you in what you are doing and you might not even know it. Let's share the love - I would like you to reply back to me a short story about yourself and what Zumba has done for you. If you are a blog reader then click on the email link on the right hand side and said it our way. You don't have to put your name on it, it can be totally anonymous. I on the other hand will see your name but when I post it on email and the blog I will take it off, if that is what you prefer. Now I would love to know you all by name but my brain does not work that way so the chances are when you email me back I probably couldn't put the name to the face anyway. So please share the love and I will post a new one each week until we run out. Let's make this big and get motivated and inspired by the ones you see all the time that have the sames goals as you do!!

Nothing new in the Zumba world so onto the challenge -

How did you feel about taking dairy out of your diet for a week? It is interesting to me that foods and drinks that we consume on a daily basis may not be the best thing for our body. That is why we experiment. Try new things and document them. If taking dairy out of your diet made you notice good things then keep doing it. I have taken a lot of dairy products out of my eating habits because I noticed a big difference in the way my body felt overall. I felt lighter, maybe not on the scale but I noticed so I continue to pass up dairy if I don't need it.

Week #9 Challenge - Try something new!

I know that we are all addicted to Zumba because of the enjoyment we get out of exercising but we can't forget that we need to change it up a bit sometimes. Your challenge is to get to at least 2 different classes this week on top of your Zumba, of course! We want to see you in our Zumba classes but I also want you to feel what it is like to experience something different for your body. You need to understand that no matter how many Zumba classes you do your body will adapt and it will stop giving you the results at one time or another. You might find that other classes are really hard and that is because you need them. It is better for you to be able to go to any cardio class and feel good when you are done. If you continue to make your goals this way then your overall strength and endurance will increase, I promise you that!!

I will be out of town next week for Spring break but if the hotel has free wi-fi then no worries you will get something from me and our challenges will continue. Remember to ask yourself before you eat anything over this Spring break if you really need it. Chances are you don't!!