Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Week #44 oops I skipped last week :)

Crazy Life!

How many of you feel this way? The second I have a chance to come up for air I get slammed with something else. The only good thing about it is, I get slammed with family (love it) and with teaching/training (love it)!! I guess that is the beauty of my choice of career, I love it all around!! So I hope that you have all made plans to get back to the basics and make sure you set yourselves some Holiday goals. It is so easy to get caught up in all the cheer and food that comes around but remember how strong you are and how much will power you have! Stay strong and the positive attitude will shine through the scale during the holidays if you keep it in check!

Items of business-

The Rec Center has brought back the 5:30pm Zumba class on Thursday so make sure you come and shake it with Cherie!

All of your favorite Zumba instructors are teaming up again and donating our time to the Jubilee of Trees Fashion Show Luncheon. We will be doing 2 routines all dressed up in our pink tanks and black pants again. Please come and join us! You can purchase a luncheon ticket for just $25.00 and all the proceeds go to help purchase a much needed piece of equipment that will help detect breast cancer at a much faster pace! Once again it is all for a great cause so come have a yummy lunch and enjoy the show!

DVD's are $10 - get them soon!

Gift Certificates for personal training is a great gift for the holidays! I do package pricing so get a hold of me and we will make whatever work for you or the person you are giving the gift of health too!

Starting soon, we the instructors at both places will not be rotating anymore on the designated days. We have decided to give you a chance to experience all the instructors in there own classes. I will let you know who and when next Wednesday!

Week #44 Challenge - Figure it Out!

I want you to channel your inner self this next week and figure out what makes you cave. Why do we always give in to certain foods. What makes us weak? I want you to focus on what it is that brings you down. Once you have figured that out then it is time to dig ourselves out. We do not need to have will power for everything but if we can figure out what little things take us over then you will be more a where of them and then hopefully channel your positive energy elsewhere. For example: I love cake! I don't care what kind it is, I will eat it. So I have figured out other ways to avoid it so that I can feel my will power taking over and when I realize that I have not succumbed to it then my positive thinking takes over and I feel like I won the game and therefore push myself to do better. This concept can be used for anything but this week it needs to be focused on food. It will tie into next weeks challenge!

Good Luck - I love you all and I hope you have a fun busy week preparing for the Holidays!!

Much Zumba Love,
Marti and Kerry