Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week #36

Hello Again!

Have you all checked out the new schedules at the St. George Rec and Desert Palms? If not you need to do so because we have added more Zumba! All of our teachers have a class so make sure you join all of us sometime during the week. We have 6am classes at both places so if you are an early riser and want to start your day off with some fun then go for it! We have night classes Mon - Thurs at both both places so if you are the type to shake it before bed then make sure you join the night crew! Ok we have lots of business so read on, lots of good stuff happening around town!


Friday Sept 24th, 8-midnight you have a 4 hour 80's Zumbathon at Hansen Stadium. The cost is $2 with student ID (that includes any age 6th grade & up) or $5. Your instructors will be Camilla, Josie, Kerry and April! I just signed on for the 10-11pm hour. This will be lots of fun so pull out those old 80's clothes and join me and the others for tons of fun!

Biggest Loser is starting at Desert Palms on October 4th. This is a 6 week program with 18 training sessions (fabulous deal). The cost is $199 for members and $225 for non members. If you are a nonmember you will have full access to the gym for that 6 weeks as well including daycare. I am one of the trainers and I must say my team last time had the so much fun! We also were the top team of total % of fat loss, so they worked hard and I pushed them hard! So come and join me, it will be hard, fun, rewarding and the best deal in training you can get! Call the gym 628-4617 and sign up under me and let me help you achieve some of your goals! Remember this is for people who want weight loss or just for toning up, nobody is excluded!

Southern Utah "Zumba Gives Back" Party in Pink-2010 October 9th from 7-9pm at Town Square Park. It is for the whole family so please mark your calendars!! The cost is $10 for 12 & older and $5 for 12 & under. We will also be selling raffle tickets for $5 each. You will want to buy some of these because we have a lot of great prizes lined up! Remember all proceeds are going to a local company "Carol's Post Mastectomy Specialist Inc.". This company provides women that need prosthesis post mastectomy, and most insurance companies do not cover them. So open up your hearts and lets help some of our local breast cancer survivors feel good about themselves and help build there self esteem! The best part is I get to update you periodically on where your donations are going and how it has helped them. We can only take cash or check at the event and you will want to get there early so that you can have the full 2 hours of fun. We are also giving away 100 free t-shirts for the 1st 100 raffle tickets bought. So get there early. If you plan on coming and spending $30 to $40 then you will have a fabulous evening! I think that is pretty cheap since most charity events cost $100 for a plate of food, at least you are getting a chance to win prizes and you get calories burned instead of added calories put on! I have 500 pink wristbands that I can't use after this so please tell everyone you know and make it a night you can talk about for a long time. Can't wait to see you there!

DVD's are $15 so get one while they last - contact Marti or Me to get one!

Done with business on with challenge!

Week #36 Challenge - Pick a new class!

I want you to pick up a new schedule at either place a pick a new class on it and try it out! If it is Zumba great - pick a new time to attend or a different teacher. You can pick a new class all together, I am teaching a new Endurance Strength class at 6am at the Rec and would love to kick your butt! It is the perfect balance between strength and cardio. They have new spin classes, strength, kickboxing, yoga, pilates...... you name it we should have it! Try something new! Step out of the box and mix it up!

Good Luck and remember to stay positive and love yourself for who you are, because you are all amazing!!