Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week #25 / Waka Waka

Yea, me and Marti are back! I love coming back from vacation and going to Zumba. The energy is always so much fun and as much as I want to say I need breaks sometimes I always love coming back and realize how much I love what I do. I heard that the Twilight Zumba Party was so much fun and I am sad that I could not be there but I needed to send off my sister and that was sad enough so it is a good thing I got to Zumba that next day!

Ok, now that June is gone and that was fast, it is time to get back into gear! I was so busy in June that I could barely think but now my brain has slowed down so prepare for new routines. I hope to come up with a couple new ones each week because August is around the corner and that means school time and back to busy schedules. I love coming up with my own routines and I love taking them from YouTube so if any of you have any suggestions on music, moves, or ones that you have seen on YouTube please let me know!!

Sadly our DVD's came in and I was hoping to have them in mine and Marti's hands last Monday but the order was wrong so I had to send them back and we are now waiting again for them to come in again. I really hope this time they will be here by the first of next week. Plan on bringing your checks or cash starting next week and we will have them at one of our classes. The DVD will be great for any of you that travel during the summer. It has all our fun new routines on it and a couple of our fun old ones. The price for the DVD is $20.

We still have tank tops left so if you want one please pick it up before they are gone! The tanks are $18.

Week #25 Challenge - get your game on!

I know how much you all love Zumba so let's get our game on! You can burn up to 800 calories a class if you do it with all your heart and soul. I know at times that you are trying to get the new moves down but we need to step it up so that you can see results! I want you to get in as much Zumba as you can this next week. That being said, I will be teaching tonight's 8:30pm class at Desert Palms and Marti will be teaching both classes on Saturday. Remember you do not need to be a member to join at Desert Palms so come one come all and tare up the floor with us this week at both places!