Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week #30

School is in session :) I truly do love my children and I love hanging out with them but I don't like the fighting and how dirty the house gets when they are home all day so this is a good change!! So one might ask themselves, what are you going to do with your free time? I respond, take sometime for me first so that when they do come home I have already had me time! I love to work out with me so now you might catch me doing extra stuff after I teach classes and hopefully fill up my schedule with training! I hope I can be of service to you!

Soon there will be some schedule changes because of fall coming so I will keep you all posted with what is going on at the Rec Center and Desert Palms. The only change that starts next Tuesday at Desert Palms is the Zumba kids class will be moved back to 4:30pm due to school. Melesa and Cherie teach that class and they do a great job so get your kids involved and teach them a good habit of exercise!

For our next instructor highlight is Cherie Hoopii - (the greatest massage therapist ever!)

Ok stuff about me... Hawaiian/Chinese, Caucasian. Age: Older than everyone else teaching zumba! 2 children-Tei (12yr) & Lahela (6yr). Grad from BYU, Provo where I played volleyball for 4 yrs. Served an LDS mission in Okinawa, Japan. (So did 2 of my brothers so we still speak Japanese.) Masters in accounting from SUU. CPA for almost 20 yrs. Still do personal consulting and tax work. Real Estate licence (why? who knows? ha ha). Run the SDI Massage School (for 5 years) and own Bodyssage for 2 1/2 yrs. Love my Hawaiian culture and have done many, many luaus- cook, sing and dance. Love family, sports, music, travelling, drawing, learning, teaching, trying to stay fit, and pretty much anything that has to do with the body fascinates me. Oooh, and I LOVE Zumba and our Zumba gang!

Cherie is a woman of many talents so make sure you check out one of her classes!

Week #30 Challenge - Chest (who doesn't love a bigger chest)

Ok, I want you to focus on your chest this week. No, we don't want huge pecs like guys do but we need to have a strong foundation so that other muscles can work properly when being worked. So I want you to throw out the idea of girl push-ups, there is no such thing!! I want you to start slow and then gain each day. If you can only do 3 regular push-ups the first day then the next you add 2 more. I want you to build big and achieve big. Please report to me how many you ended up with at the end of the week. If you are sore one day then do a few less but you need to do push-ups every day! Each week we are going to build-up so I want you to start making some good habits. Now is the time to take an hour for yourself to workout. Summer is over and there are no more excuses so lets get our butts in gear and work on our goals!!!