Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Week #33

How was your week? I hope you all got in enough exercise to make yourselves feel good about what you are doing! I hope that all of you are keeping up on your push-ups, squats and weights. Remember they are crucial!!

This week has been crazy so to get right to items of business -

The Rec Center is still closed until Sept. 7th so make sure you take Desert Palms up on their offer to let you come use their facilities for just $10. We do have classes on labor day Monday so if you have any one visiting and you want to show them what Zumba is all about bring them over. If you only come one day then it is $5 for drop in. Hope to see you over there!!

The new schedules for both places has been bumped a week so the new ones will not be coming out until the 20th of Sept. They are getting an over haul for the better so I am sure you will all be excited for the new schedules to come out!!

I have heard there is a big Zumba to-do at Hansen Stadium coming up on Sept. 24th. More info to come as I get it!!

Most important -

"Zumba Gives Back"
It is time for all Zumba lovers out there across Southern Utah to give back to our community. We have been so blessed with he opportunity that all of our gyms and rec center facilities have offered us so much Zumba that we need to give back! Mark your calendars for October 9th from 7-9pm at Town Square park! All proceeds will be going back into a local business that needs the money to help provide women with post mastectomy's with prosthesis. October is breast cancer awareness month so we would like to honor anyone and everyone that has experienced this through themselves, though a family member or friend! This is all for charity so please open your hearts and spread the word! The event will cost but it will be the best dollars you have spent knowing where it is going and who it is helping out! More info to come!! (I do know that there is going to be great prizes)

Our next instructor highlight - Josie Jones

Hi ladies. Here's a brief introduction to my life and how Zumba came to be a part of it. I taught Jazzercise for five years up in Salt Lake City and was so sad, when I moved to St. George in the fall of 2007, to find that there were no similar dance aerobic classes. That sadness was short-lived, however, as I discovered Desert Palms the month I moved here and, within two weeks of my joining the gym, Kerry became certified to teach Zumba, the first introduction of Zumba to St. George and the first I had ever heard of it. I loved it immediately. However, as a newly single mom of an adorable and very demanding toddler, I was not ready to get back into the teaching thing again, so I just enjoyed being a student for a couple of years before making the leap to go through workshop and begin teaching Zumba myself. It has been such a joy to me and a major stress reliever in my life. It is my "ME" time. I currently teach classes at Desert Palms, Gold's, Rezults, and occasionally sub at St. George Rec Center. My main job is being a mom to my little diva, and then I do medical transcription work from home at night while she sleeps, which means that I rarely get more than 4 hours of sleep M-F. This is all the more reason why Zumba is sooo important to me - I crave those endorphins to give me energy to get through my weekdays. I have also VERY SLOWLY started going back to school during my daughter's preschool hours to try to finish my Bachelor's degree in elementary ed. As for spare time, I love anything that lets me spend time with family and friends, I read anything and everything, I love to bake, and I especially enjoy anything crafty or that lets me unleash a bit of creativity. More than anything, I just love to laugh and to surround myself with happy people so that I can do that often. I love Zumba and I have thoroughly loved getting to know all of you. That's basically me in a nutshell.

Josie :)

Josie is awesome! She has quite the following and rightly so, she is great! You will never know if you get Josie at Desert Palms or the Rec Center, she is a faithful reliable sub for us and we love her because of that! You just may get her one of these days!!

Week #33 Challenge - Power Strength

Have any of you taken the advantage of Power Strength class at either facility? If not you are missing out on a great opportunity to get a full body workout in just an hour. It does not cover cardio but like in the past I have said it is not all about how much cardio you do, you need to add in some weight training. This class will give you an overall full body kick your butt workout!! It will push you to the next level of working out. If you have been going then up your weights and push yourself to the next level. It truly is a great class so check one out over the next week and see what it does for you!

We love you all and thank you again for being who you are!