Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Week #29

So our summer is almost over, crazy! That went by really fast. I love summer but I love school too!! This is the year for me that all my kids are in school all day :)! I am excited to focus on Zumba and Personal training once school starts. I have some fun things that are turning in my brain that I am excited to share with you in the near future!

Ok, who went to National Dance Day at the Washington Walmart? I was there and about 15 others from the Rec and Desert Palms that I know of. I didn't get to see everyone but it was so much fun! It was so awesome to see all the crazy Zumba lovers in Southern Utah. We (instructors) had so much fun that we are going to do it again soon. I was put in charge so I will have my cohort Marti help me out and we are going to bring a fabulous event to Southern Utah for all Zumba lovers that love to give of the heart!! I will keep you posted when the action will start happening.

Items for sale -
DVD's are $15 so pick one up before they are gone
We only have 3 tanks left / small black - medium black - medium gray/ they are $18 and I have them with me so if you go to Marti's class let us now so we can have it there for you!

Instructor Bio -
Tricia Longmore joined us at Desert Palms and the Rec Center over a year ago! We love her and are so happy she is back!!

When I was a kid I loved to dance. I was in many performing groups including: drill team, cheer leading and musical theater. As an adult I found it more difficult to get out and dance. I have always exercised but it was drudgery until I fell in love with Zumba. I joined Kerry's and Marti's Zumba classes over two years ago. I was totally hooked on Zumba from the first day. Kerry encouraged me to get certified and I started teaching in January of 2009 and have been smiling ever since.
One of the things I love most about Zumba is it's always changing. No two classes needs to be the same, each new song adds more fun to the mix with an endless possiblities of songs and zumba moves. I enjoy choreographing my own songs plus learning the songs that other teachers have done. Zumba helps me not only to be more healthy, but also de-stress and escape from reality. I can stop being "mommy" for one whole hour and be Tricia instead. Zumba helped me find myself; I didn't realize I was lost until I found me again.
Zumba has changed my life and I hope it gives others as much joy as it brings to me. Tricia

You can catch Tricia alternating Saturday's and Wednesday's at Desert Palms and the STG Rec Center. She is always willing to sub so you might show up to a class and get a treat with Tricia filling in!

Week #29 Challenge - enjoy your last week off!

This doesn't mean take exercise off but it means if you have kids or Grand kids do something crazy with them! Make your last week of summer memorable. Get out and do fun stuff. Have a fun week filled with exercise, laughter, sunshine, friends and family! Enjoy this week because starting next week our challenges are going to get a little bit harder. I am going to test your physical strength so have a happy week and I love you all!!