Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week #16

I know, I know - I need to post videos again. It is hard for me to get them recorded without Marti so I will try next week to get one on here!

So, I am kind of sick of this weather. Don't get me wrong I am thankful for the rain but the cold needs to leave us! Cold weather tends to make people stay home and not exercise so don't be one of those and me being an aerobics teacher, I want people in my class. So, the cold please go away!

I hope you found something this week to do that you don't like and did it with a friend. I also hope that you saw a different side to it and that you may start enjoying it. All forms of exercise can be fun, you just need the right attitude and friends to do it with!

Marti and I are starting the process that we go through to make vol. 3 of our DVD's but we would like your feed back over the next week so when we film in May we can make a DVD that you would want to have. So please reply this week and let us know what we can do to make it the best for you. Let us know if there is any past routines that you want in it or new songs that we can choreograph to or just good suggestions. Your replies will help us a lot!

Saturday April 24th - Christy will be teaching both Zumba classes (Rec Center and Desert Palms)

Week #16 Challenge - Daily Vitamins

This weeks challenge will only take you 2 minutes a day, sweet! I want you to make sure that you are taking your daily vitamins. Americans do not get enough vitamins throughout the day anymore due to bad food choices and all the crap that they put into food these days. We as women especially need our vitmins. They are crucial for our bodies to function properly. Make sure you pick a good vitamin. It should have all the essentials that you need. Make sure your omega's are in them. Omega's are crucial for a healthier you. They help with so many things. Here is a good read and it tells you everything you need to know about omega-3.