Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week #38

I hope everyone had a nice week! Although the email did come out last week I was gone on a much needed vacation with my hubby! I had a fantastic time but now it's reality time. I hope you all enjoyed some part of the Marathon last Saturday. I heard it was hot and so a lot of the runners had a hard time getting the times they wanted. Honestly, I am glad I was where I was instead of running for 4 hours. I hope you were all inspired by these runners who dedicate 5 months prior to running and have set goals for themselves and in one day they achieve it. It is awesome, I think!!

Items - the most important

Southern Utah "Zumba Gives Back" Party in Pink-2010
Is this Saturday October 9th at Town Square from 7-9pm. I hope you are all planning on being there because we have 18 different instructors helping us out and we have all come together from Hurricane to Ivins to give you a great party! We have so many great prizes like: Wingate Hotel Stay for 2, 5 - 50 minute massages, Dinner for 2 certificates, Free 3 month Gym memberships, Zumba stuff and so much more!! I really hope you are planning on coming because it really is going to be the best Party yet. The 1st 100 raffles tickets bought will get a free Party in Pink t-shirt and then we only have 50 more to sale so make sure you get there so you can get one and wear it proudly. Please arrive early so we can start right on time so we can give you the full 2 hours that we have planned! I have attached the MP3 of the Dixie Digest that Marti did on the radio. It has great information about breast cancer awareness and Jen Flowers the owner of Carol's is talking with Marti and Karman. Listen and enjoy!

DVD's are $15 so get one while they last - contact Marti or Me to get one!

Week #38 Challenge - Party in Pink

You had to see this coming, right! I want you to grab some friends and come spend the evening with your favorite Zumba instructors.
Make it a girls night out! The cost is the same as a movie and yogurt so you might as well come spend it on a great cause and get some exercise. Please come support the instructors who love Zumba and want to pay it forward to the Southern Utah community!