Thursday, February 26, 2009

Wednesday Excitement

Kasey Bale won our February drawing this month. We hope you like your new Zumba t-shirt and thank you for coming to Zumba and sharing your energy and love for Zumba with us.

Everyone tends to ask us if we are married and how many kids so here we are with our families.

Marti was married in May 1997. As you can tell she has three beautiful girls. Besides Zumba she is a loan officer and a doTerra consultant. She loves what she does. She wears many hats and is always organized. She loves to read, play games, play with her kids and she is a sucker for a good love story movie.

Kerry was married in June of 1996. She has four lovely kids. Kerry loves to teach Zumba and cycling classes. Besides teaching she likes to do triathlons. She has nine under her belt and plans to add a couple more this year including a marathon. Her friends say she is addicted to exercise but what better thing to be addicted too! She loves to plan things, play on weekends with her family and sharing her talents with friends and family.