Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Zumba Love Week #5

Desert Palms starting next week is having Zumba Love Week. What them means is...if you bring anyone with you that is not a member they pay $5 for the class and then if they like it and sign up for a membership they will waive all the fees. Cool Hu! Also we are having a 2 hour class on Wednesday from 7-9pm the Marti and I are teaching. We will have prizes to give out and 2 hours worth of tons of fun! Same deal goes for your friends or family. Bring them along for $5 and then have them sign up and they get all the fees waived! You don't want to miss this, I promise! Marti and I have not taught together since October and we miss it and we have so much fun teaching together. Member or not, come and join us.

Zumba around town - Don't forget that WCCC is having there Club Zumba on Thursday night Feb. 4th from 7-9pm. The cost is $5. It has been themed as a rockin 80's party so come dressed up in your best workout gear from the 80's. I personally have found the sweetest outfit to wear! It is worth coming just to see it. April will be the head lady and I will be her side kick helper person. I am doing two routines that should bring back lots of fun memories from that decade.

On to our next challenge-

Did you skip any of your breakfasts this last week? I hope by eating a good breakfast you felt the benefits throughout the day. Make sure you continue to do so every morning. Make sure you always get a good amount of protien first thing in the morning. Which leads me to my next challenge...

Challenge for week #5 - You need to get 50-60 grams of protein a day.

The more protein you eat the less hungry you will feel throughout the day. Protein feeds your muscles and when you are working out your muscles need a lot of protien. Some ideas of ways to get your protein.. eggs, nuts, peanut butter (small amount), lean meats, low fat cottage cheese, yogurt, protein shakes and protein bars. Pack yourself a protein snack so when you have the erge to eat then grab for some protien first before carbs! Good Luck!