Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week #26

Did you get your game on? Our numbers were up at the Rec Center and Desert Palms in all the Zumba classes so I am thinkin' you got your game on. Good Job!

So now that our summer is half way over :( we need to start thinking about our schedules and how we are going to get in our Zumba for the week or every day. It is so crucial to stay active during the summer. The afternoons are getting so hot that most people tend to stay inside. You need to make sure you get in your workout in the morning time or evening. We get so caught up in our daily stuff and the hours fly by and we think to ourselves, "Dang it, I missed my exercise today. I will do it tomorrow!" What are the chances that the next day is going to be less busy, not so much! You need to make it top priority so that you can have the positive serge that comes from exercise!

Our DVD's are finally here! Marti and I opened one and watched some and the picture is a little blurry so whether it is the widescreen or the production company, we don't know but because of this we are going to sell them for $15 instead of $20. We don't want to return them again and all that hoopla, but the important thing is you can still watch it and get a great workout. The blurry part is our faces so that is good for us. You can still see all the routines and moves clearly! It was our favorite DVD to make so purchase one and make it a part of your daily routine if you can't make it to a Zumba class! We have them with us at our classes and we take checks or cash. If you are from out of town please reply and we will get one shipped to you.

Week #26 Challenge - Find a Friend!

I want you to find a friend that may be struggling a little with exercise or weight! So many people feel so alone in the workout world and some have no idea where to start. I would like you to bring her or him along to a class and show them that exercise can be really fun and then also tell them your thoughts and feelings about how you have achieved some of your weight loss goals. You have no idea how many people out there need some one to talk to about this. It is a major factor in depression and if we, all together, can help someone see that exercise is a natural way to release endorphins and can help pull you out of depression, then it is worth stepping outside of our comfort zone!

Again, I can't say it enough on how much I love our Zumba family! We have such a widespread group in Southern Utah and it is wonderful to be a part of your lives!