Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week #34

So sorry I have been a little late getting my emails out these past few weeks but I am working on important things for our up coming event! All of the Zumba instructors that are going to be apart of our fabulous evening are working hard to bring you a great family event! So bare with me because over the course of the nest few weeks my emails might get a bit short but not because I don't love you all but my brain can only hold so much info! It's all those kids I had, they fried my brain cells so I work at a slower pace!! :)

Southern Utah "Zumba Gives Back" Party in Pink-2010 October 9th from 7-9pm at Town Square Park. It is for the whole family so please mark your calendars!! The cost is $10 for 12 & older and $5 for 12 & under. We will also be selling raffle tickets for $5 each. You will want to buy some of these because we have a lot of great prizes lined up! Remember all proceeds are going to a local company "Carol's Post Mastectomy Specialist Inc.". This company provides women that need prosthesis post mastectomy, and most insurance companies do not cover them. So open up your hearts and lets help some of our local breast cancer survivors feel good about themselves and help build there self esteem! The best part is I get to update you periodically on where your donations are going and how it has helped them. This whole thing brings tears to my eyes because I can't imagine what these ladies have had to deal with. I hope to see you all there and I hope you bring everyone you know!!

Zumba at Dixie College Sept. 24th - Hansen Stadium from 8-Midnight! I have heard that this is going to be lots of fun and there are 4 instructors that will each be taking an hour time slot! The only thing I don't know is if it costs anything so if any of you out there know please reply and let me know so I can post it. Thanks

We still have our DVD's but are getting fewer each week so get them before they are gone because once they are gone we don't reproduce them. They are $15 and we have them at our classes.

A lot of you have asked about tank tops - well we have sold out of them and we will not make another order until they come out with a new design. We will keep you posted on that!

Our next Zumba Instructor Highlight - Cami Opunui (she is hilarious, she had a hard time writing a bio so I couldn't delete any of it)

I like puppies and toast. My favorite color is light tan.
Just kidding here is a bio
I am a mother of a 4 year old girl and 18 month old boy/girl twin combo. Some say that might be enough of a workout. Nope! I am always eager to Zumba. I have been zumba certified for 1 year and I love it. Since moving to Saint George from Hawaii I have been desperate to replace surfing. Zumba was the key. I have been asked many times why I left Hawaii for Saint George. To that I reply, "I moved because Saint George rocks!" I am generally a sub for the regular teachers so catching me is always a surprise. Saturdays and Wednesdays are the exception because we alternate teachers. Zumba is way to much fun and I feel so grateful to be apart of it.

We are so glad to have Cami with us and when the new schedule comes out make sure you find Cami's name and join her for her classes!

Week #34 Challenge- Kickboxing!

So do you see a pattern here? I want you to try some new classes because as much as I love Zumba, your body will love you more if you cross train. Your body will adapt to whatever you are doing so cross training is key to giving your body a surprise every once in awhile. The kick part of boxing is true - it will kick your butt and may even shape it too! :) Shake it up a bit and with the new schedules being posted on Monday (they don't start until the 20th) you will have a chance to try some new stuff!

I love you all and enjoy your week and make sure you fill it with positive things!!