Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fantastic Rates!

Hey everyone!

As you know Marti and I have stopped our Wednesday teaching. We feel like we are creating something at Desert Palms that you will not want to pass up. Here is the deal, you will not find it any cheaper so don't even try to go look, so if you go into Desert Palms and speak with Chelsie you can become a member for $18 a month. Everyone always says there is a catch and yes there is one, you will need to sign a 2 year contract but that is it! If you think about it $18 a month gets you all the benefits of the gym, including daycare. Desert Palms will be moving into there new facility in November and I promise you it will be fabulous. They will have new everything!! The aerobics room will be fantastic! I can't wait to start teaching over there. We will be adding 2 night classes on Tues. and Thurs. and also a Sat. class, including the classes we already have. I am also trying to get Zumba kids. You can bring your kids and while you are working out, lifting weights or relaxing in the spa your kids can take the Zumba kids class and start the good habit of exercise in a really fun way! Think about it but not for to long because this deal expires Oct. 31st so hurry into Desert Palms and take advantage of this great deal!

We love you all and still want you to join us for Zumba so please stop in and check it out!

Kerry and Marti