Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week #28 / NAtional Dance Day

Thank you Marti for emailing out last week and yes she is right, we need to take at lest 10 minutes a day for ourselves so that we can focus on whats important! Thank you for reminding us!

Back in the early months of 2010 I was hand selecting some great girls to teach Zumba along side with Marti and I and I don't think I have paid enough tribute to them for all the hard work they have done at both the Rec Center and Desert Palms. So for the next little while I will be highlighting them so that you can get to now your teachers a little better. Their names are:

I hope you have enjoyed taking their classes!

Week #28 - National Dance Day

Coming up on Saturday the 31sy of July is National Dance day. Zumba is based around dance so one of the great instructors (April and daughters) have put together something really fun for our Southern Utah Zumba family this Saturday night. She has asked a handful of instructors to help her and I have happily accepted (sadly Marti will be out of town) to bring the east and the west together at the Washington Walmart parking lot to have a full on Zumba dance party! Here are the details, there is a dance that you need to learn that is choreographed by Nap and Tabs from So you think you can Dance so we can do it all together. It will be filmed and sent into the TV show. Here is the link it has step by step instructions! April will be picking the song so just learn the moves and get the feel for it. The Dance off is free to the public!! The time is 9pm -10pm. We are going to have cars parked in a huge circle with all the lights facing in. The radio station will be there and those of us instructors that have merchandise will have it there for your convenience to buy. It is going to be awesome so this is your challenge this week to learn the steps and even if you don't learn the steps come to the Dance off on Saturday! I would really like to have the westside be represented well so come one, come all and join us for one hour full of Zumba craziness!!

Invite for all!!
For: National Dance Day
When: Saturday the 31st
Time: 9pm-10pm
Where: Washington Walmart parking lot

See you there!