Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Week #18 / 2-step

We had a few people request the 2-step on video so scroll down to see 3 of your Zumba instructors 2-step it up!

Ok so our Zumba classes are going great! We love all of you that join us on a weekly basis and share your love of Zumba with us! Summer is coming fast although the weather is not cooperating but school will be out in 2 1/2 weeks and then it is go time. It seems to me that each summer gets so booked up with all the extra activities and vacations and whatever else we decide to book ourselves with. Let's just not forget how important it is to take time each week for ourselves so that we can be better people. Make sure you join us during the summer time so that you can release the stress of all the chaos the goes on around us.

We are thinking of adding a Wednesday night class at Desert Palms at 8:30pm. That would give you 3 nights of Zumba party action! If you would like to see that happen then please put it in the suggestion box at the front desk. The more we get the better chance we have to get it going for you!!

Here is a great Zumba story -

Thanks for the great class; I just started in Jan. and I'm hooked :) I have a master's degree in health education and have run wellness programs for hospitals for many years. We moved here from Jackson Hole where I was director of wellness for hospital employees & the community, and managed a small gym for employees. Even though I've worked out every day most of my life, I've saw a big change in my weight after a hysterectomy 10 years ago. Aging and hormones; a tough combo! I've lost 15 pounds since starting Zumba; I consider it a big (but fun) shock to my system :) I still swim and hike every week to mix it up, but I plan to keep Zumba-ing forever!

Thank you Heather for sharing and I am pretty sure I will be zumba-ing with ya forever as well!

Did any of you get out and run? To be honest with ya I didn't get out until this morning. So I ran my 5 miles in one shot but I enjoyed myself, which is surprising since I don't love to run. The open air and the road with good tunes seemed to work for me this morning. I hope you enjoyed yourself as well!

Week #18 Challenge - Biking!

I think you can see where I am going with this, but since the Ironman it has sparked my love for triathlons again. I have done 9 in the past and I loved doing them but since Zumba and marathon training I sort of just dropped out. They are so much fun to do and they are truly the best thing you can do fitness wise. The reason is, you are in constant cross training and your body never gets burned out. So most of you may never do a triathlon but you might as well try the activities that go along with one. Anyone can do a triathlon and I promise you that! So if anyone can do one then for sure you can do each activity by itself. I want you to get out on your bike this next week. It doesn't matter what kind of bike you have, I don't even care if it's your kids bmx bike, I just want you to get out and ride. Find that inner kid in yourself and remember how much fun it is to ride a bike. Make sure you wear a helmet and be safe as always! If you don't have a bike then borrow a neighbors, they are not going to care so get out there and just do it!

Marti and I have tank tops! We have split them up so we each have all the colors and we will be taking them to all of our classes. They are $18 each. Get one soon before the size and color disappears.

My loser club is almost coming to a close and I can not tell you how much fun we have had! I am so proud of these ladies and all the hard work they have done. I will let you know how much the group lost when we do our final weigh-in. If you happen to see any of my girls please tell them how awesome they are!! I will be doing this again in the fall so if anyone is interested keep that in mind.