Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week #8

Alright everyone how has your week been? We are 2 months into the new year. How are you doing on your goals? This the the exact week that most people say, "forget it!" Make sure you don't give up. This is your reminder that you are all do great and to continue forward. Remember a few emails ago, I said, if you can make it through spring break then your chances go up dramatically of sticking to your goals and following through until you reach them. Keep going, I know it gets hard at times and frustrating but we are your support group! We will do our best to keep you motivated and continue to help you through Zumba and making exercise fun for you!

New Classes at Desert Palms

Tuesday 4:30pm Zumba kidz age 5-8
Thursday 10:30am Mommie & me Zumba age 2-5
Thursday 4:30pm Zumba kidz age 9-12
Saturday 9:15am Zumba teenz age 12-up (relaxation room 2nd floor)

Bring your kids and watch them fall in love with Zumba and we don't even have to tell them they are working out, it will be our secret!

Ok, so do your legs feel good? They should be a little sore from your weeks focus on them. Make sure you get don't forget about them. A lot of people will not do anything to strengthen their legs because they think that cardio works them good enough. Yes, cardio does do that but not enough to stimulate weight loss and lean body mass that we are all wanting. Make sure you add in some leg exercises each week so you can start to see the changes in your legs.

Week #8 Challenge - Take out as much dairy products as possible!

Why not??? Milk protein allergies and lactose intolerance have been linked to a wide array of physical symptoms. For some, it is as simple as lethargy or weight gain, for others crippling migraines and "autoimmune" type symptoms are a lifestyle complication. There is a great deal of research linking dairy to prostate cancer, breast cancer, type 1 and type 2 diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease. Check it out; see if a dairy-free or dairy-limited diet improves your quality of life. What is the worst that could happen? Absolutely nothing…you have no reaction, no change, you go back to your cheesy habits. What is the best that could happen? Your migraines subside, your cholesterol plummets, your energy increases, your body seems lighter, your stomach calms down, you just feel better. I have taken out most of my dairy habits and I feel much better. Those of you that are cheese lovers you need to stop or you need to go for the more expensive cheeses. Give it a try and make sure you right it down in your Challenge notebook so you can see what it does or doesn't do for you. We are all different and it will effect us at totally different. Good Luck!