Friday, July 3, 2009


Ok, so if you do not know who Beto is then you will now. He is the founder of Zumba and is so popular in the fitness world and throughout the world. He is an amazing instructor and you can't help but smile and enjoy his entire class. The energy he brings is unmatchable!! Marti, I and 3 other Zumba instrutors from St. George traveled to Salt Lake 2 weeks ago to take a master class from Beto himself. It was his first time in Utah and it was awesome! There was about 200 people in the class so if you can only imagine the energy level. One of my favorite parts was watching Beto mess up. Yea! Marti and I are not the only ones who mess up everytime we teach. It made me realize that we are all just trying to do our best and mess ups will happen and thats what makes us human. Anyway, is was great fun and I wish all of you could experience a Beto class so hopefully one day he will come to little St. George. If not here maybe we can all travel to Las Vegas if he shows up there. I will keep an eye out for a Beto sighting! Enjoy the pics

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Location

We are trying out a new location for our Wednesday night class. Come and join us and give us your feedback positive or negative. It is in the Warehouse in Green Valley at 415 S. Dixie Dr. (indoor soccer and storage). We hope to see all the Zumba lovers there!! 8:15pm is the magic time so come and and have tons of fun working out! Pictures of Marti and I with the founder of Zumba "Beto" are coming soon, so keep checking back!!