Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sorry, it's late! Week #10

I hope all of you are enjoying your spring break! I am here in California and Marti will be coming back from a great weekend in Phoenix. I have missed teaching Zumba. You don't realize you would miss something until you can't do it anymore. I am glad that I can come back and kick my own butt in Zumba. I have been trying to get in some exercise in each day. My kids have been not so happy because I made then climb the stairs at Universal, twice. If any of you have been there, the stairs from the lower lot to the upper lot seem to go on forever! Good times! Anyway I will see you back Monday and Marti will be there on Friday at both locations.
I have only received one email back about how zumba has helped change your life. So come on girls, don't be shy! I have 252 people on my email list so just think how many ladies you can inspire. We need it. During these times is when we need inspiration the most!
So did you all try something new? How many of you are loving cycling? That is my next passion to Zumba! Remember to keep it going. You will overcome your hard points if you add in new things!
Week #10 Challenge - Wheat, Wheat, Wheat!
No more white, white, white! I want you to take out anything you eat that is made with white flour and replace it with wheat. So many good things come from eating wheat. We have been told to eat a lot more wheat for health reasons so why are we still buying white bread. Because it tastes so good! Well, I personally do not eat white bread. My kids don't eat white bread. I give them no choice. I do need to change over to wheat pasta though. Eating wheat is going to do a lot of good things for you. you can research all you want but the 2 main reasons I eat it is because it is roughage for the digestive system that helps clean you out and it keeps you full longer! So try all wheat this week for you and your kids and see what happens. Remember, you are the mom so you get to choose what your kids eat and how much they eat!
Have a great week and see you soon!