Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring into Action!

Yea, it is spring, and I love spring! It is my favorite time of year to exercise. You have so many options from outside to indoors and the fresh air breaths new energy. Make sure you take advantage of the good cool weather before it gets blistering hot and then it is back to indoors for exercise. I hope you are all doing well on your exercise goals. If you have slipped a little it is time to regain your confidence and start up again. Summer will be here before we can blink so we all know what that means, the dreaded swim suit! We all hate it but you need to remember that we will all not be the bikini babes in the magazine but we can definitely have positive attitudes towards the whole swim suit issue. It all depends on how you feel has a person. You need to let go of always trying to be the perfect hot body that is not achievable in 3 months or ever (in my case). If you feel good about yourself then the outer appearance comes along with it, swim suit or not! Keep truckin forward and stay with the baby steps so you can see results quicker!

Here is our next Zumba Story: they are all good and please keep them coming!!!

Ok ok, I will write how Zumba has changed me. I was not one to go to the gym and work out or any other type of physical work unless it was doing things around the house and in the yard. It will be 5 yrs since I lost my 2 yr old and 2 yrs since I lost my brother, so here's to say I gained and gained after my brother died and was in denial about my weight gain until about one year ago, I saw a picture of myself and wanted to die. I started this HCG diet that worked until I was done doing it and gained all the weight back :( Then in Jan of this yr my cousin came down to visit and she is major gym freak, and I thought "ok I will go with you and try it out" so I went, felt great and signed up for the membership. I went religiously every day, felt great and then I thought "hmmm, I think I will try some classes" I went to one and decided to stay and see what zumba was all about. I went, it was crazy the first time but once I got the hang of some of it I fell in love with it and started to go to the classes as much as I could. It really makes me feel wonderful and everyone is awesome and the teachers kick butt. They really make u feel good about your self and help you in anyway they can. I have lost a total of 13 lbs since I started and I have never felt better. I have not only learned how to eat better and make working out fun and enjoying. I feel that I am a part of something great. I'm not really losing anymore wait, but I am really starting to tone up my problem areas and with no crazy addictive diet pills. Oh yes and my ten yr old son comes with me and loves the class as much as I do and really likes Marti and Kerry. Plus it's time that we get to be crazy together. Thank you Zumba for changing my bad habits to good ones and letting me be apart of it all. I have done Yoga and some other classes also, I really want to do the cycling class, so that is my next goal.. THANK YOU ZUMBA!!!! :)

I love reading these as a teacher because, yes at times I don't want to come and teach, but knowing that we as teachers are helping you out in your life brings a new meaning to being a teacher! Thank you so much. I love what I do because of you!!

So how much money did you save this week on not buying any fast food? I know I saved about $40 and a whole lot of calories! I feel good that I don't have any processed foods in my body. It really does make a difference! Here is a great video to watch that might help you considered healthier choices!

Week #12 challenge - Eat 5 meals a Day!

What, yes 5 meals. You need to share the love of food all day not just 3 times plus all your snacks and treats. You pack in the calories if you do this. Try eating 5 small meals a day with protein in everyone. Your portion size will need to decrease to kids size but if you are eating 5 then you won't go hungry! Make sure one of your meals is around 3-4 o'clock. This is the worst part of the day for snacking! So eat a small healthy meal then when dinner comes 3-4 hrs later you will not be as hungry either. Try it! See how it works for you and write it down!

Last thing- Water is the best thing for you and I have found the best water to drink! It is called Real Water. I have put a water cooler in my house because i love it so much! You need to read all about it so here is the link and if you want to try it then contact Barry Brooksby and let him know you heard about it on your Zumba email and want to try it. It really has made a difference for me!
Barry Brooksby
Real Water Southern Utah
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