Thursday, October 9, 2008

Triceps - Chest - Biceps

Here are some of the exercises that you can do with your power 8 band at home. You need to do these at least 3 days a week. Please excuse the model, she was free!

Triceps - 1

Grab one of the rings with both hands.
Make sure that one palm faces downwards
and the other faces upwards.

When you switch to the other tricep just
make sure you have changed positions.
The bottom hand will now be the upper
hand facing upwards.

Triceps - 2
Bring your upper hand and put it on
your opposite shoulder. Tuck your elbow
into your side and keep it there.

You can do this with your legs shoulder
width apart or together but make
sure you do not lock your knees.

Triceps -3
Keeping your elbow to the side pull
down until your arm is in full extension.
Repeat this on both sides for 8-15 reps x 2.
Be creative and add pulses, half way down
and up, down 1 2 up on 3, etc..

Chest - 1
Bring your power 8 band around the
back of your body holding onto both ends.

Chest - 2
Extend arms forward and bring back
to staring position. You are replicating
a push-up but in a standing position.
Make sure you legs are shoulder width
apart and your knees are soft and tighten
your core (abdominal).

Bicep - 1
Put one ring under your foot and grab
the ring with the opposite hand
(right foot / left hand). For a less
challenging bicep work you can grab
the ring with the same hand on the same
side the ring is under your foot
(right foot / right hand).
Remember to always keep your knees
soft and keep your core tight

Bicep - 2
Pull the ring upwards into flexion mode
all the way to the top. Keep your arm
tight to your side. Repeat 8-15 times x2.
Remember to be creative and add half way
up and down, all the way up and half way
down, pulses, up 1 2 3 and down 4, etc.
Remember to switch arms every other time
and keep count so you don't over work one
bicep more then the other.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Last Monday Night

A shout out to all the of Monday Night Girls that came to Zumba, Thank you so much! We had a great time and we will be back on Monday's in the Spring time. Don't forget that Wednesday's are always Zumba Night at Southwest Dance. Make sure you tell your friends and family so we can all shake it together! Thanks again and we will see you Wednesday!