Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week #42


I am a day late! I was cleaning all day long yesterday and I thought to myself several times that I needed to stop and write my email but apparently that didn't happen. So when I woke up this morning I remembered that I had never sent it out. So here I am getting ready to challenge you for another week! :)

Items -

The Rec Center is adding a 5:30pm Zumba class on Thursdays. So that means you can Zumba Mon-Thurs at 5:30pm at the Rec. Yea! Pass the word on and up your numbers in those classes!

Desert Palms is having their Birthday Celebration coming up on the 13th of Nov. They will be have some fun stuff going on. I will let you know next Wednesday the details of the event. Those of you that are members put it on your calendars and those of you that maybe interested in joining you may want to stop by!

Ok, our DVD's have got to go so they are the cheapest they can go and that is $10. Buy them and send them off to family and friends!!

I have personal training coupons for $10 off or $30 off a package. If you are interested let me know and I also do gift certificates. Those are the best gifts you can give during the holidays! Give the gift of health this season!!

Week #42 Challenge - Pay it Forward!

How good do we feel when we loose ourselves in the service of others. This week I want you to pay it forward through fitness. I want you to share what you have learned or your new good habits with someone else. Let them know how your feel about your choices. Let them know you are there for them when they hit the rocking times. Make them be accountable to you for some of their goals. Everyone needs to have someone they can call, email, text or face to face when they are struggling with their weight loss goals. It is so hard to do it on your own so go pay it forward with everything you have learned and done for yourself. You will be amazed that it will actually help you with your goals. It will make you want to do better and strive to reach higher!

I love my Zumba family and I thoroughly enjoy what I do. You make my job not be a job and I truly love coming to teach and train you! Always think positive and make it a great week, it is up to you!