Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week #40

Hello all of you!

I hope you had a nice fall break! I had a fall break loaded with fun and hard work all in one. So it wasn't at all relaxing but then again when do we get to relax these days. I hope you all didn't mind me being on your shoulder while you ate this last week either. I know I can get kind of annoying in fact come Monday I had enough of myself too and had some ice cream with homemade hot fudge on it. It was yummy at the time but then come Tuesday I had to work out extra hard but every once in awhile we just have to treat ourselves. Like everything else in life we have to work hard to achieve what we want or need.


DVD's are still for sale so pick one up. We want them to go away so we can make a new one for you at the first of the new year so buy them up and give them away as presents. They are $15 each or 2 for $25.

They have new cute tanks that we can get through our program but we would like to know if any of you are interested. They would be $18 each. We usually order 10 of each color but if we don't have any interest then we will skip this shipment. Please let us know!

My boss at Desert Palms and the St. George Rec Center wanted me to pass this along - Are you or do you know anyone that teaches yoga / pilates that would like to get on at either one of these facilities? She is looking for a well qualified teacher. If you are interested or know of someone please pass this on and then contact Margaret Gibson at 435-467-5247. She is great to work for and there is always a few perks to working at the gym. Let us know soon, she needs to fill spots in 2 weeks.

Week #40 Challenge - Finding your BMR

What is a BMR? Your Basal Metabolic Rate is the energy requirements necessary for maintenance of life processes such as heart beat, breathing and cell metabolic activities. Every one's BMR is different depending on activity level, weight, height, and age. When you find your BMR it will give you a calorie number that you should keep in mind at all times. My BMR is 1413 so what that means to me is that my body at a resting state will burn 1413 calories and I need that many so that my body will function properly. So I consume about 1400 calories a day but I work out for 2 hours and burn 1000 of those calories. I ask, will I lose weight if I do this on a regular basis? why yes I will because I didn't take in over the amount that my body needed. So it is crucial for you to know your BMR so that you can see and know if you are over eating what your body needs. Now that being said your BMR will change do to the above factors so the leaner you get, older, heavier or your activity level it can change. Stick with your number for awhile until you see a change in your lifestyle and then you can get a new BMR. Now you ask, how do I get my BMR, well you can either do the hard math which I do not prefer or you can go to this link and use the online calculator that will figure it out for you This is a great sight because you can find your BMR and then you can find your calorie intake for the amount of activity you do then you can know how much or how little to intake on a daily basis. If you need help please reply and I will help you figure it all out! This really is one of the best numbers to know so that you can jump start your weight loss goals or even just maintain them!

Alright, that is all from me and I hope you have a great positive filled week!