Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Week #23

Welcome back to myself and did you girls have a nice break from me? I soaked up some good sun last week and now I am back into the swing of things. Please forgive me but after taking time off it takes my brain a few times to get all the routines back into my head so apologies to the last couple classes I have taught for I messed up more then I would have normally! I hope you are all taking advantage of the Wednesday night class at Desert Palms. We are excited that we can give you three nights a week of party Zumba action! The lights are finally all up and going so you can now see the instructor after the hour of 9pm although that spot light is a killer! It throws off a lot of heat so apologies to the front row ladies who may on a occasion get some sweat flying from the stage, but hey that is why we love Zumba right, sweat-fun-dancing!!

Our volume 3 DVD has been finished in the editing department! I will be sending it to production early next week and so by the 1st of July sometime they will be here and ready to sale. Again, like last time we had tons of fun filming this for you. We laugh and have a great time! Marti and I watched the outtakes and laughed until our stomachs hurt but my daughter watched them and didn't laugh at all. So I guess Marti and I think we are more hilarious then my 12 year old but hey what do they know at this age and I guess we understand the circumstances more. Anyway, I will keep you posted on the exact date that we will have them in hand to sale.

So I hope you picked your favorite challenge to do last week and if not then you had a break like me and that is always ok in my book, sometimes! It's time to get back on track so here is your next challenge.

Week #23 - Fruit, yummy fruit!

In the summertime we tend not to eat as much due to the temperature outside which can a be a good thing sometimes. I want you to pick up your fruit intake for a week. Now there is fruit that is better for you and some that you want to limit yourself on. Here is a list of lots of and not so much -

Lots of
any kind of berry
watermelon (squeeze a little lime juice on it and it makes it delicious)

Not so much


Have at least 2-3 servings a day! Summertime is the best time to enjoy the sweet taste of fruit and it always feels light in your stomach!

Alright, ladies that is it for this week so enjoy yourselves, feel good about yourselves and love yourselves for who you are!! Peace, Love, Zumba!!