Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Week #45

Happy December to you!

So I am feeling like it really isn't Christmas yet. I have lights on my house and one Christmas tree up but other then that it came to fast. I am not ready for 2010 to be over. I have enjoyed this year way to much! I have had so much fun learning all the new things about fitness and I just want to learn more and help more. I guess I will have to make the best of it while it lasts and then onto 2011. I will have to make new goals and dream bigger so that 2011 will be even better! I hope that all of you are on board with me and we can all make 2011 the year that we made great changes in our life!

Items -

We are getting low on DVD's so pick one up they are only $10. They make great stocking stuffers for family, friends and your kids that need to get active!!

New Year's is approaching and nothing is set in stone yet, the City has contacted me :) so Zumba may be apart of the Twilight to Midnight Celebration. I will keep you posted so you don't miss out!!

We have stopped our Zumba rotations so here are the instructors that will be taking over these classes!
*Desert Palms -
Thursday night 8:30pm - Tricia, she is one of the originals so she definitely has her groove thing going so make sure you join her!
Saturday morning 9:15am - Cami, she will start you out on Monday night and finish the week strong so join her for your Saturday fix of Zumba!
*St. George Rec Center -
Thursday night 8:30pm - Melesa, help her keep this class going and shake it in the evenings with energetic Melesa!
Saturday morning 8am - Danita and Christy, this duo will get your heart pumpin on those cold mornings so set your alarms set for every Saturday!

Personal Training gift certificates for Christmas! No better gift then the gift of health! Contact me for prices - 4356688324

Week #45 Challenge - Back to Core!

Your core muscles (abdominals) are they key to everything in fitness. They create your balance and stabilize everything you do! You need to make sure that you are working on these muscles daily. They are essential to prevent any injury while exercising. You need to develop a good core routine that you can do each day. My 2 cents, if you have to do more then 40-50 core exercises (ex: sit-ups) then you are doing them completely wrong. If you engaged the right muscles and have the right form they will burn out quickly before you get to 50! Work on your core this week and see how fun it is to cough after you have done a good correct core workout!!

Have a wonderful week with all your Holiday bussel but don't forget to take time for yourselves!!