Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week# 41 Pink Panther Salsa Style

"La Pantera Mambo" (pink panther salsa style)

Happy Halloween Weekend!

I love this time of year! The fall weather is the best! The cool air should bring you out of hiding and get you moving during the afternoon hours. The more you are active all day (that includes everything you do) the more calories burned which in turn takes off the amount of your BMR that you should have calculated last week. Everything goes hand in hand. Remember it is so important to know what you are putting in your mouths everyday all!

Items -

Not much!

I think we are going to be having some changes to the Rec Center schedule so I will keep you posted on whats going to be happening!

Desert Palms is gearing up for their one year birthday celebration on Nov. 13th so plan on shakin it with us that day! More info to come..

DVD's are running out so pick one up quick before they are gone! The new price is $12.50

Week #41 Challenge - Will Power!

You are either born with it or you have to work on it! I was not born with it and so I have to work on it every day! Will power is so important when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. You have got to be abe to quit or not even start eating that favorite food or treat or you will be sunk! Have many times have you given into temptation and then have felt guilty when finished. It all has a negative turn which makes our brain think we can't do anything. Our minds are so powerful and our body's will respond if we tell it what to do! So because in light of Halloween, don't eat all your kids candy. Don't eat the candy you have to give out. I have given out full size candy bars for the last 4 years because I will not eat a full candy bar. I have programed my brain to think that it is way to much but I will eat 10 snack size candy bars and together that equals more then a candy bar. I know, my brain is lame but me figuring this out has saved me tons of calories. It might cost me a few extra dollars to buy treats but it saves me hundreds of calories that I don't want to take the time to work off. Think about it and decide what you need to do so that you don't feel guilty about celebrating this fun holiday!

I will see you in classes on Monday because we only have 3 weeks till Thanksgiving and that means more will power!

Stay positive and be strong, just say no!