Thursday, October 30, 2008

Personal Story 5

Ok, so I forgot to bring my flip camera to class last night so there is no new video today but for sure next week. We also had our drawing for our October classes and Veronica Ernest won. Yeah! Make sure you come to class in November with your punch pass and put your name in the drawing for something cool. We are also going to have our Bring a New Friend to Zumba and you get in Free next week, so start thinking of someone to bring. In the meantime here is a great personal story for you to read.

Here is a portion of an e-mail Marti received, we thought it might inspire you guys to take those chances and achieve those dreams that seem unreachable.

Okay Marti - You are really going to think I'm crazy and laugh in my face when I tell you this (and I know you get told this all the time), but... I would love to see if there is any possibility of becoming a Zumba instructor. Not because I want to instruct, honestly it would be because I never in a million years thought I would ever consider even doing something like this. Because I was always the tall, big, lurpy girl with no coordination. Yet, I always wanted and wished I could do something like this. And now I am at a stage in my life that I'm not letting anything be out of the question for me. It's like when you know someone who starts working out and so they begin with walking, then jogging and before too long they want to run. Then their big goal is to run a marathon. So, I guess you could say that, becoming a Zumba instructor would be like my marathon, get it? I just feel like it's a great goal for me. I know I have a ways to go before I could EVER step foot into a training class. But, I know once I accomplished it, I would feel an empowerment about myself that I NEVER thought possible. Plus, it would get and keep me more fit. Anyway Marti, thanks for humoring me and you can honestly tell me what you think. And if there's ANY sort of hope for me, maybe you could advise me as to what I need to do to get going in this direction. All I know is that it would be SO much fun, I would learn so much and I would feel even better about myself. All great reasons to go for it.

Love your guts,

She is getting certified this weekend to be a Zumba Instructor. Way to go Gina!