Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Week #11 Inspirational!

Happy St. Patty's Day to you all!

I have a bit of Irish in me but no one would know that unless you knew my mother's maiden name. I love the green day, it's one of my favorites. Make sure you smile and tell every one "Top of the mornin to ya"!

Ok here is our first Zumba Inspiration: I still have not received as many as you are out there so stop and write for just a moment today!

I will tell you how zumba has changed my life. I started my weight loss journey 18 months ago. I am more than 1/2 way but I still have along way to go. I remember when my PT told me to do just 15 minutes of cardio a day and I thought it was hard and I was sooooo bored. He/she kept increasing it (of course) but I wasn't disciplined enough to stay on a treadmill or elliptical very long.
I hated cardio. Then my friend suggested I come to zumba. It was soooo fun. I am still terrible at it but I love it. I love the music. I love the movement. I love the freedom. I love the instructors. I zumba everywhere (my teenager hates that). I can't help myself. I dance around my kitchen like I used to before I gained all of the weight.
I love how fast zumba has improved my fitness level. I hated to walk around the mall 18 months ago and yesterday I did 2 zumba classes, cleaned my house and ice skated with my kids for 2 and 1/2 hours. What a change!!
Some days it is so frustrating to have made such progress and still have more to go to reach my goal. Some days it feels pointless like I will never get there and I want to give up. But after a few minutes in class I am happy and believe that I can reach my goals. That hope carries me through the day and helps me make good food choices and helps me face my workouts with my PT when I don't want to because I am tired and sore or feeling lazy.
It isn't just me who has been affected by my zumba addition. My husband and kids now workout. My twin brother now works out (I did more push-ups than him last time I saw him...boy ones too and won a race around the lake).
I will reach my goal someday and I will be fit, healthy and cute again. And although it is a personal journey, I will not reach it alone. I have my husband and my friends who believe in me, my PT and ZUMBA.
Thanks for all you do and the weekly challenge.

WOW! Thank you for sharing that. Isn't this person amazing. Don't we all feel like that at some point in our life. Make sure you help out the ladies around you because you never know who will inspire next!

So, do you love wheat! If not, keep trying! Just think to yourself how much better it is for you and your kids to have wheat. Try your recipes that call for white flour and add wheat instead. See if it tastes good. Some will be better and some will not. It doesn't hurt to try!

Week #11 Challenge - No Fast Food or Restaurant Food!

We have all just come back from Spring Break and I am sure that we all ate out at least once but this week save some money and eat in for a week straight. Notice how your body feels with good home cooked meals. There is a huge difference! If you need to go on a date with your spouse or friends this weekend then plan a head and do something different then eat out. Take a picnic and go do something active. Be creative because we all love the social aspect of eating out! Save the money and mostly the calories!!

Happy Eating!