Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Already week #7

Can you believe we are going into week 7 already. Time is going by so fast!! I hope you all had a great week and it was filled with fitness and healthy eating. I hope your goals are still on track so make sure you look at them and re-evaluate so you can stay on top of them. Life can get overwhelming sometimes and we let the most important things slip by. Remember that you are your top priority. You need to keep yourself healthy for the sake of your kids, husband, wife and busy lifestyle. If you are positive about yourself and feel good about what you are doing then that makes a world of difference on your attitude towards the life trials that are thrown at us everyday. Oh and I have a full blown trial everyday (my preteen girl and soon 2 preteens and it won't get any better I'm afraid) and I want to pull my hair out everyday but taking deep breaths and making sure I get my exercise in for the day helps me a lot!

Rec Center ladies, where are you? The Tuesday and Friday class are getting smaller and smaller. We are used to having in the high twenties but have been down by ten each week. I hope you are doing ok and we hope to see you back soon. Please let us know if we, as your instructors, can do anything to bring you back to Zumba. We love teaching there and you have been a great crowd to get to know!

Desert Palms is having there Grand Opening Event on Saturday the 20th. They are having a fitness fair and will have a lot of companies there representing their product and services. It is free to the public from 10am -3pm. They will have free food there from 11-1pm. They are also giving out a lot of cool prizes. The rates for the Grand Opening week are $19.95 a month and if you sign up this week you get a gift and entered into the grand prize drawing. There are four Grand Prizes and they are sweet! The best part of the whole day is that there is an outdoor Zumba class at 11am in the parking lot and it is free to the public. SWEET! I will be teaching it so bring all your friends and family and join me for a great class in the open air! If you have any other questions let me know! I know that all the prizes are really cool because I was the Event Coordinator on this one so come join me at Desert Palms on Saturday and bring any one and every one you want!

Thank you to all of you that joined us last week at Zumba Love on Wednesday. We had 65 people and it was so much fun. Two straight hours of Zumba (31 songs) was crazy! We had such a great turn out that we will be doing more of those in the future, so thank you so much for loving Zumba!

How are your abs feeling? Mine are a little sore but a good sore! I hope by implementing more abs into your routine made you realize how often you use your abdominal muscles for everything. I couldn't cough yesterday without my abs hurting. Just remember that you have 29 muscles that are in your abdominal cavity and you use them all everyday! They are crucial for any fitness goal and if you continue to build your strength in your abs then your fitness routines overall will become more efficient.

Challenge for week #7- Working on your lower half / legs!

We are going to focus on your legs this week. What you don't realize (if you have them) is that you have one of the best exercise machines in your house, your stairs! You walk up and down them all day and if you don't you should. You can give yourself a great 15 minute leg workout by using your own stairs. Here is a great stair workout - start out by walking up and down your stairs 5 times. When you get to the bottom of 5 then do standing squats. Do 2 sets of 20. Then do a wall sit for 1 minute. After you are done then start over by running up and down the stairs as fast as you can 5 times. Repeat this whole routine 3 times. When you are finished then do 50 lunges and you are done! That easy, now try it! If you do not have stairs you can always do legs at home. Walking lunges are a great exercise to firm up the jiggle jiggle that some of us have on the backside. You can also use the curb outside as a stair stepper. Get creative with things you have at home but make sure they are stable so you do not injure yourself. I don't recommend doing legs everyday but make sure you get at least 4 days of legs in the next week. Have fun with it and feel the burn in your legs!