Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week #46

Hello everyone!

I am alive! I have to apologize for skipping last week but I was under the influence of some drugs (don't worry, good ones) that took me out that day. Needless to say I am totally good now but because of doctors orders I still can not teach Zumba for a couple more weeks. :( I don't think the doctor really understands that I need Zumba but I can't really argue with him. Keep up the Zumba love and I will return before you know it!!

Items of business -

The City of St. George wants Zumba again for First Night. They have asked April and I to do 2 routines at 9:50pm at the main stage at Town Square. These will be easy routines so you all can come and do Zumba with us right before the 10 o'clock firework show! We would love to have you all there so please put Twilight to Midnight on your New Year's Eve schedule. We always have a great turn out and the City loved us last year so lets show them what Zumba can really do!!! See you there

There is a new Club in town - GoGo37 and of course why would they not want Zumba to be a part of there evening events. They will be holding their first Zumba class on January 5th at 8pm. I will be their instructor for the evening and the cost is only $5. Come and check out the new hottest place to be in St. George. I have attached the flier to the email so you can have all the details!

We still have some DVD's left so get them quick before Christmas and send them off to family and friends and share your love of Zumba with them! They are $10 - that is a cheap gift!

I am still have some gift certificates left for Personal Training. Please contact me if you are interested in giving the best gift you can give - health!! 4356688324

Week #46 Challenge - Get focused cause here it comes!

Christmas is next weekend and there is no getting around all the goodies so now is the time to get focused! I know all of you can do it. Make a game plan and set some goals. I want your goal to be reachable and short lived. By that I mean set something you can achieve the day after Christmas. I want small but big results. Set limits for yourself and stick with them. Stay positive over the Holiday and don't let the guilt seep in. I know you can do this. I have seen how strong you all are! Your minds are so powerful and you can do anything you set out to do! Make yourselves happy and remember it is how you feel and not what anyone else thinks about you!! You are all amazing and I love being a small part of your lives!

I love you all!

Much Zumba Love,
Kerry and Marti

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